Biodentine® XP,
your new dentin
restoration system

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Biodentine is the first all-in-one biocompatible and bioactive crown-root dentin substitute with unique clinical properties.

Embedded in a new & upgraded system

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With Biodentine XP, your whole procedure is easier* from preparation to dispensing:
*Source customer research 2022

  • Direct placement

    You can apply directly on the tooth for all your restorative procedures in the crown and ensure a Bio-bulk fill procedure.

  • Available in 2 formats

    (XP 200 or XP 500), you choose the quantity needed depending of the procedure & deepness of the cavity.

  • All-in-one cartridge

    The cartridge already contains both the powder and the liquid.

  • Find the Cartridge you need
Find the Cartridge you need
  • The all-in-one cartridge

    • All in One: containing both powder and liquid to ensure a standardized consistency at each use
    • 1 cartridge = 1 application
    • 2 types of cartridges: XP 200 & XP 500, to have the most adapted volume depending of the tooth (anterior, posterior) & the procedure (for the crown or the root)
    Orientable nozzle Black: XP 200 Red: XP 500
  • Rounded edge for the mouth insertion Autoclavable Easy grip Ergonomic handling

    A dedicated gun for facilitating all your procedures

    You can apply directly on the tooth for all your restorative procedures in the crown and ensure a Bio-bulk fill procedure easily and save time. You deliver the right amount of what you need.

  • The mixer ensures an easy,
    perfect mix of the cartridge

    • Easy to store, compact, low footprint
    • A very high rotation level (6200 rpm) for a perfect mix each use
    • 30 second mixing time
    Ergonomic design Easy to disinfect Only one start button

How to use ?

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Biodentine XP, a new, easier & upgraded experience thanks to less preparation steps. Just 4 steps to get the product ready to deliver:

  1. Activate
  2. Mix
  3. Prime
  4. Dispense

Download Biodentine XP Documentation:

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